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Welcome to QuickForm! This Chrome extension is like your personal assistant for filling out forms on the internet. It helps you save time and makes filling forms a breeze. QuickForm has two special ways it can work, called "Lite Mode" and "Advanced Mode." Let's see what each mode does and how it can help you.

Lite Mode: Your Quick Helper

Think of Lite Mode as your quick helper for everyday forms. Here's how it works:

  • You tell QuickForm about the forms you fill often by setting up something called a "profile." In this profile, you make a list of the boxes you usually fill in (like where to put your name, email, etc.) and what you want to type into them.
  • QuickForm is smart and can work with different types of boxes on forms – whether it’s a place to type, a dropdown menu, or even those little check boxes and radio buttons.
  • Whenever you're on a form that matches your profile, QuickForm can fill it out for you with just a click. It's great for simple, everyday forms where you're entering the same kind of information over and over.

Advanced Mode: The Form Wizard

Now, for the trickier forms, we have Advanced Mode. This is like having a wizard by your side:

  • In Advanced Mode, you create advanced profile instead of lite profile. It's pretty much the same idea, but you can also tell QuickForm exactly where (on which websites) to use each profile. This means you can get really specific about when and where QuickForm helps you out.
  • But here's the magical part: You can teach QuickForm to do more than just fill in boxes. Sometimes, forms have steps, like needing to open a section before you can fill it in, or waiting for parts of the form to show up. Advanced profile lets you guide QuickForm through these steps, so it can handle forms that are a bit more complicated or hidden behind clicks.

Whether you're just zipping through standard forms or tackling the more complex ones with steps and hidden sections, QuickForm is here to make it easy and fast. It's like having a magic wand for your forms!

This site is a work in progress. If you see dummy text on a page, it means I'm still working on it. You can follow updates on Twitter @quickform_dev.


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Lite Profile

Here you can find how to create and configure profiles.


Advanced profile

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