Editing a profile

Once you've set up profiles in QuickForm, you might find the need to tweak them as your form-filling needs change. Whether you need to update the profile's name or adjust the fields it contains, QuickForm makes it easy. Here’s how:

Editing Profile Name and Description

To update the name or description of an existing profile:

  1. Navigate to the Profiles List: Open the QuickForm options by navigating to chrome-extension://hmbnbbbknglecphfogchkhpdjiodfclh/options.html#/lite in your browser. This page displays all your saved profiles.

  2. Find the Profile: Locate the profile you wish to edit. Each profile is listed in its own row.

  3. Access Profile Settings: At the end of the profile's row, click on the ellipsis (three dots) to open a menu, then select Edit.

  4. Edit Profile Details: A modal window will appear with fields for the profile's name and description. Make your changes as needed.

  5. Save Changes: Once you've updated the information, click Save to apply the changes.

Editing Profile Fields

If you need to modify the fields within a profile:

  1. Open Profile Fields: From the chrome-extension://hmbnbbbknglecphfogchkhpdjiodfclh/options.html#/lite page where your profiles are listed, find the profile whose fields you want to edit. Click on Edit fields next to the desired profile.

  2. Edit Fields: You'll be redirected to a page that lists all fields within the profile. This page operates similarly to the field addition process. Each field can be edited to update:

  • Field Type: Adjust if you need to change the type of input (e.g., text, select, radio/checkbox).
  • Search Type: Modify the method used to locate the form element (options include name, id, class).
  • Selector: Update the specific attribute value used to search for the form element.
  • Value: Change the value that will be filled into the form field.
  1. Save Field Changes: After making your adjustments click Save.